Upcoming Closure of the 9th Generation of Pokemon and Hints at the Arrival of the Switch 2 Console

Highlighting the Upcoming Closure of the 9th Generation of Pokemon and Hints at the Arrival of the Switch 2 Console

The 9th Generation of Pokemon is nearing its end, with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet garnering mixed reviews. However, players can look forward to one final DLC called The Indigo Disk, slated to arrive in Winter 2023. Moreover, rumors are abuzz about a new Nintendo console, possibly the Switch 2, expected to launch in 2024. These speculations are based on leaks and the historical pattern of Pokemon generations moving to a new Nintendo handheld. If this pattern holds true, the next Pokemon generation is likely to commence in 2025, taking advantage of the anticipated stronger backward compatibility offered by the new Nintendo console.

Most Of Pokemon’s Life

With only one DLC remaining, the 9th Generation of Pokemon is gradually winding down. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have divided the player base, as some view them as the true open-world Pokemon games that their predecessors, Pokemon Sword and Shield, attempted to be. Others, however, criticize these titles for their abundance of bugs and empty environments. Regardless of the mixed opinions, it seems that players won’t have to wait long to discover what lies on the horizon. Those who have enjoyed Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can eagerly anticipate The Indigo Disk, set to be released in Winter 2023, as their final farewell to this generation.

Pokemon Switch

As Pokemon prepares to close a chapter on its current generation, it appears that the Nintendo Switch is following suit. It seems peculiar that Nintendo has yet to address the rumors regarding a new console. However, it’s plausible that the company intends to grant the Switch a final holiday season in the spotlight. Fans firmly believe in the imminent arrival of a new Nintendo console due to numerous leaks and the fact that the Switch has already been around for the typical lifespan of a console generation. This belief is further reinforced by the observation that each Pokemon generation tends to coincide with the launch of a new Nintendo handheld. Consequently, many fingers are pointing towards a Nintendo Switch 2, purportedly arriving in 2024.

Hint In The Switch 2 Favor

For a majority of Pokemon’s existence, its generations have adhered to a specific pattern. The franchise, renowned for its frequent releases, employs a consistent design formula and typically confines itself to a particular generation for about three to four years. This trend dates back to the mid-90s when Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green established Generation 1 on the Game Boy, subsequently leading to Generation 2 with Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Only then did the series transition to Generation 3’s Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald on the Game Boy Advance.

Generation 3 marked the franchise’s first leap between hardware generations and also introduced remakes of previous titles before venturing into a new generation. Following this, the transition from Generation 3 on the GBA to Generation 4 on the Nintendo DS set the precedent of two new generations per Nintendo handheld. Consequently, Generations 4 and 5 emerged on the DS, Generations 6 and 7 made their debut on the 3DS, and Generations 8 and 9 were introduced on the Nintendo Switch. If this pattern is maintained, then it implies that there will be no more Pokemon generations on the Switch.

Pokemon Natures

This pattern aligns harmoniously with the expected launch window of the Nintendo Switch 2. Given that Scarlet and Violet’s DLC acts as the third version in the 9th Generation, the only other Pokemon title anticipated for the current Switch is a transitional installment. Although leaks remain ambiguous about whether this would entail Black and White remakes or another installment in the Pokemon Legends series, it is certain that the title will fulfill Pokemon’s annual release quota for 2024. Consequently, this leaves 2025, three years after the release of Scarlet and Violet, within a timeframe where the next Nintendo console is predicted to be available, making it the opportune moment to unveil the tenth generation of Pokemon.

With rumors about the Switch 2 gaining momentum for several years, reaching its peak in 2023, reports of console demonstrations, third-party developers receiving kits, and a leaked patent that potentially resembles the Switch 2’s design all contribute to the mounting evidence. Furthermore, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser hinted at the company’s plans for transitioning to the next console generation in a recent interview. Taking Pokemon’s release trends into account, it seems highly probable that the new Nintendo console will debut in late 2024, with the next Pokemon generation following suit in 2025.

Given that some Pokemon enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting a console with enhanced backward compatibility to stabilize current and future titles, they can anticipate positive news on the horizon. Upcoming Closure of the 9th Generation of Pokemon and Hints at the Arrival of the Switch 2 Console For now, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon.