Unlocking the “Ignite” Update in Apex Legends

Unlocking the “Ignite” Update in Apex Legends Get ready, Apex Legends enthusiasts, because the much-anticipated “Ignite” update is just around the corner, bringing a fresh Legend to Season 19 of the Apex Games. This time, meet Conduit, a shield-boosting support hero with a vibrant personality and an innate talent for keeping up with high-speed teammates. Among the competitors of Apex Legends, Conduit stands as a bright and dynamic presence, fighting to live her dream of participating in the Apex Games while also striving to repay a deeply personal debt to her sister.

Meet Conduit: The Support Hero

Conduit’s tactical ability in Apex Legends is intrinsically tied to the Monarch Titan’s battery, allowing her to temporarily recharge the shield damage of her squad mates. This ability acts as a crucial buffer against attrition rather than providing an infinite health source. The synergy between Conduit and the Monarch Titan is not just a mechanical choice but is deeply rooted in her character’s story, as revealed in her SFTO Trailer titled “For Us, Utang Na Loob.”

The Filipino phrase “Utang Na Loob,” which translates to “a debt to one’s inner self,” plays a pivotal role in Conduit’s narrative. It symbolizes a person’s obligation to repay an invaluable favor. In the SFTO Trailer, we witness the Monarch Titan’s heroic sacrifice to protect Conduit’s family from a legion of murderous Ion Titans. This act of selflessness carries a profound sense of duty and gratitude, whether directed toward the Monarch Titan, its pilot, or Conduit’s older sister, Diwa, who made sacrifices to care for the family’s well-being.

Meet Conduit, the New Legend Coming to Apex Legends in Season 19

Apex Legends is a game that never stops evolving, and Season 19 is no exception. The latest update, called “Ignite”, will introduce a new Legend to the roster of Apex Games competitors. Her name is Conduit, and she is a shield-boosting support hero with a cheerful personality and a knack for keeping up with fast-paced teammates. Conduit is not just a fighter, but also a fan of the Apex Games, and she has a personal reason to join the fray.

Infectious Positivity: Conduit’s Journey

Conduit’s character underwent an intriguing transformation during the creative process. Initially envisioned as a more world-weary individual, the team’s quest for a lighter, more enthusiastic presence led to a new, inspiring version of Conduit. As Hazelton, a developer, explains, “I tentatively pitched the other idea I had been thinking about which was someone who is a superfan of the Apex Games. People who are fans of something have an excitement, passion, knowledge, and deep love for it. They buzz with contagious energy.”

Conduit embodies this superfan spirit, with an unwavering enthusiasm for the Apex Games that radiates through her personality and mechanics. Amidst the battle-hardened veterans and tough contenders in the Apex Games, Conduit’s positivity and altruistic motivations provide a refreshing contrast, adding a bright dimension to the game’s roster.

Apex Games Superfan: Insights and Synergy

As an Apex Games superfan, Conduit has meticulously studied other legends, granting her profound insights into her opponents’ tactics and abilities. This knowledge empowers her to synergize seamlessly with her allies. In terms of team composition, Conduit’s support role allows her to fit comfortably into almost any Trio, even alongside other support Legends like Newcastle and Lifeline.

Family Support and Identity: Conduit’s Backstory

Family bonds are a recurring theme among Apex Legends, and Conduit’s story is no exception. Unlike the friction and hidden identities found in some legends’ backgrounds, Conduit’s family dynamics are rooted in a cyclical pattern of support. Unlocking the “Ignite” Update in Apex Legends, She shares a healthy and supportive relationship with her family, following in her sister Diwa’s footsteps while making her own unique contributions to her family’s well-being.

On a lighter note, Conduit’s character design was finalized after the release of The Apex Legends Cookbook. This seems like a missed opportunity, considering the abundance of tantalizing Filipino dishes showcased in her “Utang Na Loob” Trailer. Among these savory options, Hazelton suggests Conduit might be best represented by delectable dishes like “pork sinigang, lumpia shanghai, pancit canton, lechon, or the always popular chicken adobo.”

Join the Apex Games

Don’t miss out on the excitement! Apex Legends is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Season 19 kicks off next Tuesday, October 31, bringing you a whole new level of action and adventure.


  • What is the “Ignite” update in Apex Legends? The “Ignite” update is the upcoming update for Season 19 of Apex Legends, introducing a new Legend named Conduit.
  • Who is Conduit in Apex Legends? Conduit is a support hero with a shield-boosting ability and a vibrant personality, set to join the Apex Games in Season 19.
  • What is the thematic connection between Conduit and the Monarch Titan? Conduit’s tactical ability is linked to the Monarch Titan’s battery, allowing her to recharge squad mates’ shield damage. This connection serves both thematic and gameplay purposes.
  • What does “Utang Na Loob” mean in Conduit’s story? “Utang Na Loob” is a Filipino phrase that translates to “a debt to one’s inner self” and symbolizes a profound obligation to repay an invaluable favor. It plays a significant role in Conduit’s narrative.
  • How did Conduit’s character evolve during development? Initially envisioned as a more world-weary character, Conduit transformed into an enthusiastic superfan of the Apex Games, radiating contagious energy and passion.
  • What makes Conduit stand out in the Apex Games? Conduit’s positivity, enthusiasm, and altruistic motivations set her apart from the grimmer contenders in Apex Legends, adding a bright and inspiring dimension to the game.
  • What role does Conduit play in a team composition? Conduit serves as a support hero in Apex Legends, fitting comfortably into various Trios and synergizing with other legends, including fellow support characters like Newcastle and Lifeline.
  • What is the family dynamic in Conduit’s background? Conduit’s family dynamic is one of support and mutual care, with a healthy relationship between her and her sister, Diwa.
  • What is The Apex Legends Cookbook mentioned in the article? The Apex Legends Cookbook is a reference to a publication that features various dishes, some of which are seen in Conduit’s “Utang Na Loob” Trailer.
  • When does Season 19 of Apex Legends start? Season 19 of Apex Legends commences on Tuesday, October 31, bringing new adventures and challenges to the game Unlocking the “Ignite” Update in Apex Legends.