The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime: 10 Mysterious Unsolved Enigmas

When Naofumi Iwatani is summoned from his world to a place called Melromarc at the start of The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime, he is immediately bombarded with questions. These questions, which viewers of the anime can relate to, are quickly answered. Naofumi learns that he has been summoned to be one of the four cardinal heroes, entrusted with the task of saving the world from the Waves of Catastrophe.

However, as the story unfolds, new mysteries arise and the answers aren’t always clear. Here are ten unsolved mysteries in The Rising Of The Shield Hero Game that keep viewers intrigued and wanting more explanations:

1. Who Raised Fitoria?

During a battle against the Tyrant Dragon Rex, Naofumi’s group realizes their powerlessness. Luckily, the Filolial Queen, Fitoria, comes to their rescue. In their subsequent conversations, Fitoria reveals that Filo’s rapid growth is due to Naofumi, just like her own growth when she was raised by a hero. However, when Naofumi asks about the identity of that hero, Fitoria can’t remember.

2. Why Did Naofumi Choose Raphtalia as His Slave?

When wrongly accused, Naofumi becomes colder and starts to rely on himself. It is in this state that he is approached by a slave trader who offers him the option to buy a slave. Despite several options, Naofumi is inexplicably drawn to Raphtalia, and the precise reason behind this choice remains a mystery.

3. Naofumi’s Inability to Taste

Even before acquiring Raphtalia as his slave, Naofumi loses his sense of taste. He eats food but cannot savor any flavors. This becomes more apparent when he and Raphtalia eat together, with everything tasting bland to him. Eventually, his sense of taste returns when his life improves, but the reason for his initial loss of taste is never clearly explained.

4. The Significance of the Heroes’ Weapons

The Legendary Weapons play a central role in The Rising Of The Shield Hero. They are powerful spirits manifested as four distinct weapons, each summoning a hero to combat the Waves of Catastrophe. However, while the nature of these weapons is clear, their deeper meaning and the criteria for selecting wielders remain unanswered in The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime.

5. Why Was the King’s Hatred for Naofumi so Irrational?

From the moment Naofumi is summoned, the king displays contempt towards him because he is the Shield Hero. This animosity intensifies when Naofumi is falsely accused. Despite Naofumi’s repeated acts of valor, the king’s unjustified hatred persists, leaving viewers wondering about the source of his deep-seated resentment.

6. The Filolials Hatred of Dragons

When Fitoria defeats the Tyrant Dragon Rex, Naofumi tries to obtain dragon materials for his shield, but Fitoria forbids him. The clear antipathy between Filolials and dragons is evident, but the reason behind this enmity remains elusive. The source of their dislike, whether it stems from Filolial nature or events of the past, is not explored.

7. Why Wasn’t Raphtalia Seasick?

During a trip to the Cal Mira Archipelago, Naofumi’s group and the other cardinal heroes suffer from seasickness. However, Raphtalia, who is known to have motion sickness, surprisingly doesn’t experience any discomfort. The reason for this sudden change remains a mystery.

8. Why Is Naofumi Unaffected by Lucor Fruits?

Lucor Fruits are small grapes with potent alcoholic content. When Naofumi consumes multiple fruits, he remains unaffected, while the spear hero, Motoyasu, collapses after consuming just one. Although L’Arc attributes this to Naofumi’s higher alcohol tolerance, the stark contrast in their reactions leaves viewers questioning the true reason.

9. Is Murder the Only Solution to Save Both Naofumi’s and L’arc’s Worlds?

Initially friendly, L’Arc and Therese’s intentions towards Naofumi take a dark turn when they learn he is the Shield Hero. They believe that taking Naofumi’s life will ensure the survival of their world. However, the precise relationship between the two worlds and whether murder is truly the only option remains uncertain.

10. How Are the Waves Created?

The Waves serve as the driving force behind Naofumi’s summoning and the main plot of The Rising Of The Shield Hero. These Waves bring forth monsters that the heroes must confront and protect the people from. However, new information raises questions about their origin, including the absence of waves in L’Arc’s world and the existence of artificial waves The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime. The simplicity of the concept initially presented becomes more complex and mysterious.


1. Will there be a second season of The Rising Of The Shield Hero?

As of now, a second season of The Rising Of The Shield Hero has been confirmed and is highly anticipated by fans.

2. Who is the strongest hero among the four cardinal heroes?

The strength of each hero varies depending on their individual abilities and character growth. While opinions may differ, many viewers consider Naofumi, the Shield Hero, to be the most formidable due to his strategic thinking and unwavering determination.

3. Is The Rising Of The Shield Hero based on a manga or a light novel?

The Rising Of The Shield Hero is based on a light novel series written by Aneko Yusagi, which was later adapted into a manga and anime.

4. Are there any romantic relationships in The Rising Of The Shield Hero?

Romantic relationships do develop in The Rising Of The Shield Hero, particularly between Naofumi and Raphtalia. Their bond deepens throughout the series, creating a heartfelt connection.

5. Are there any spin-offs or related media to The Rising Of The Shield Hero?

Yes, there are spin-off manga series and a prequel light novel called The Reprise of the Spear Hero, providing additional perspectives and stories within the same universe.

6. Can the heroes use weapons other than their designated ones?

In the world of The Rising Of The Shield Hero, each hero is bound to their respective legendary weapon, which grants them unique powers and abilities. While they may possess other weapons, the true strength lies in wielding their designated legendary weapon.