Sonic Superstars: How to Get them All Emerald Powers

Sonic Superstars: How to Get them All Emerald Powers incorporates many traditional gameplay elements of the Sonic series while also introducing fresh mechanics that enhance the player’s ability to navigate the game world and overcome obstacles in unique ways. A notable addition is the set of Seven “Emerald Powers,” each of which grants a new ability when collected, alongside the familiar super transformation ability that is unlocked after obtaining all seven. These Emerald Powers allow players to approach enemies and levels in novel ways, unveiling hidden secrets and alternative paths.

This guide focuses on the initial locations where players can acquire an Emerald. The order in which Emeralds are obtained remains fixed, regardless of the sequence in which players complete the special stages. For instance, if players skip the special stage in Bridge Island Act 1, they may obtain Avatar from Speed Jungle Act 1 instead. Additionally, returning to an earlier special stage after completing advanced stages will reward players with the next uncollected Emerald on the list.

Avatar (Blue)

Act “Fruit” Avatar (Blue) is the first Emerald Power that players can acquire. It unleashes a multitude of clones of the active character, which dash across the screen, damaging enemies and breakable objects in their path. This ability proves useful in dealing with multiple on-screen foes. Players obtain this Emerald Power in Bridge Island Act 1 by following the lowest available path, which leads the player character through a narrow tunnel and onto a crumbling stone platform Sonic Superstars: How to Get them All Emerald Powers. Next, players should proceed to the right, crossing a bridge to find the Special Stage Ring suspended in the air.

Bullet (Red)

Bullet (Red) is the second Emerald Power, enabling players to perform an air dash that can be aimed in any direction and linked together to cover greater distances. This ability proves invaluable for reaching elevated platforms that are otherwise out of reach, particularly for characters without flight capabilities, such as Tails. Bullet is obtainable during Speed Jungle Act 1 by utilizing the vines to reach the platform above the starting area. Afterward, players should ride the vine rail loop and pass through a narrow tunnel, taking the lower tunnel when confronted with a pair of tunnels. After exiting the tunnel and grinding along another vine rail, players will find three tunnels and must select the middle one. This choice transports them to another vine rail, which drops them near a frog, with the Special Stage ring located nearby.

Vision (Purple)

Vision (Purple) is the third unlocked ability, granting players the power to perceive invisible items and objects, including platforms that provide access to new areas. To acquire Vision, players must progress through Sky Temple Act 1 by following the lowest available path until they encounter an upward draft that propels the character in the air. Grabbing onto a pole, players should move towards the right to discover a platform where the Special Stage ring is located. By letting go of the pole while holding right, players can land on this platform and reach the ring.

Water (Cyan)

Water (Cyan), the fourth Emerald Power, allows the character to transform into water, granting the freedom to move in any direction underwater and ascend waterfalls to access previously unreachable areas. Moreover, while this power is active, the character cannot drown, making it ideal for exploring underwater sections. Water can be obtained during Pinball Carnival Act 1 by descending past the paddles in the initial pinball section. Sonic Superstars: How to Get them All Emerald Powers By continuing straight ahead, players can reach a moving platform after utilizing a bouncer, followed by running down a ramp to a checkpoint. From there, players must navigate the pinball section using paddles and bouncers to ascend to the top, then run down a ramp to the left. Entering a tube and moving to the right upon exiting enables access to another pinball section. By disregarding the paddles and dropping down, players can progress through a door and ride the spinner located at the bottom of this area, descending further. Moving slightly right and leaping into the spinner above allows players to launch over the spikes in the area and to the right. Entering another tube propels players close to the Special Stage ring.

Ivy (Green)

Ivy (Green), the fifth unlocked ability, empowers players to conjure a vine that can be ridden upward, facilitating vertical travel without relying on flight or continuous usage of Bullet. This vine can be maneuvered left or right to exercise greater control over the destination. Ivy can be acquired during Lagoon City Act 1 by descending the first water slide and utilizing water jets to hop onto a moving platform. Following a Seal enemy and another water slide, players can bounce over additional water jets to reach a checkpoint. Subsequently using the water gun beyond the checkpoint propels the character to another water slide leading to an area with two water jets and a spring that grants access to additional water guns. By utilizing these guns, players can ascend to the next section. From here, players should utilize balance platforms to jump up and across to a waterfall, then employ the water gun to traverse the gap and reach a slope. Darting down the slope and employing the next water gun to soar over two cloud enemies allows players to access another checkpoint. Sonic Superstars: How to Get them All Emerald Powers Immediately past the checkpoint, dropping down next to the water jet and heading left, players can descend next to the balance platform and hug the right wall, eventually discovering a secret pathway that leads to the Special Stage ring.

Slow (Yellow)

Slow (Yellow), the sixth Emerald Power, empowers players to manipulate time, slowing it down and simplifying the handling of moving obstacles, especially swift ones encountered in stages like Cyber Station. This ability is particularly useful during crowded on-screen scenarios, such as certain boss fights. Slow can be obtained during Sand Sanctuary Act 1 by moving straightforward and ascending a sandfall to the right, gradually ascending another sandfall. Continuing left and ascending a pair of sandfalls, players should then move right and employ the bars above the snake to ascend further. Subsequently, players will encounter another bar and a series of moving platforms. If players fall at this stage, they can employ a nearby sandfall to regain their position. A scorpion enemy awaits just past the platform above the sandfall. By using the Bullet Power to ascend and bypass the loop without entering it, players can reach the Special Stage ring on the opposite side.

Extra, the seventh unlockable power, provides access to a unique special attack exclusive to the current character. Sonic gains a homing attack, Tails unleashes tornadoes with a swipe of his tails, Knuckles executes punches, and Amy hurls her hammer. Extra can be acquired in Press Factory Act 1 by initially moving to the right and choosing the lower path, leading to the first checkpoint (Knuckles may be glimpsed along this path if he is not the active character). From here, players should descend the ramp on the right, collect a shield, and jump up to proceed. Sonic Superstars: How to Get them All Emerald Powers Beyond the spikes and a pair of floating enemies, players should ascend the ramp and continue right until encountering another pair of floating enemies. Using the moving platform, players can ascend and utilize the tremors emitted by the Press in the background to rebound and reach the next floor. By carefully navigating a narrow gap to the right and following the path, players will ultimately find the Special Stage ring.