Payday 3: How to Prepare the Refrigerated Truck in 99 Boxes Heist

Introducing an action-packed and chaotic sequel, Payday 3 is finally here with an exciting new lineup of heists for players to enjoy. One of the thrilling missions, called 99 Boxes, features a special appearance by Ice-T in the mission debriefing screen. In this heist, players will break into a secure storage lot to obtain and safeguard valuable materials. To transport the loot without degrading its value, it must be stored at low temperatures. Players must cleverly set up their escape route using a refrigerated truck.

Payday 3’s 99 Boxes provides players with a discreet opportunity to gain access to the main warehouse building and quickly set up the refrigerated truck.

Finding the Liquid Nitrogen

payday 3 - 99 boxes fridge - truck

To reach the warehouse in 99 Boxes, players should head towards the guard house located on the left side upon spawning. Unlocking the gate will grant access to the secure warehouse parking area. However, players should exercise caution due to security cameras monitoring this zone. One camera is positioned on the main warehouse building, while another is found at the guard post along the locked chain link fence. Sneak inside the warehouse by heading up the stairs, unlocking the door, and proceeding stealthily. Inside the warehouse, players will encounter several employees and two guards patrolling the area. The refrigerated truck can be found in the far-right corner, and players must interact with the back door to open the cargo hold.

Within the warehouse, players must search for a pressurized container of liquid nitrogen. These containers are scattered across numerous crates, and while there are two cameras in opposite corners of the warehouse scanning the area, players can search each crate without eliminating any individuals or disabling any devices.

payday 3 - 99 boxes - liquid nitrogen

To locate the liquid nitrogen, players should search each crate carefully by following these clues:

  • Just to the left of the forklift near the middle shelving units
  • In the back row of shelves, hidden behind a large crate near the refrigerated truck
  • In the back corner near a ladder and the staircase
  • Across the warehouse, in the corner opposite the refrigerated truck, behind where one of the guards stands for surveillance

After finding the liquid nitrogen, players need to transport it back to the cargo hold of the truck. Installing the nitrogen properly is crucial for refrigerating the truck. Interacting with the empty canister silhouette within the cargo hold will install the fresh tank of nitrogen. With the refrigerated truck now set up and ready for extraction, players can concentrate on securing the loot in this thrilling heist.

Payday 3 is currently available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.


1. Q: Is Payday 3 available on all platforms?
– A: Payday 3 is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

2. Q: How many heists are included in Payday 3?
– A: Payday 3 offers a brand-new roster of heists for players to enjoy.

3. Q: Who makes a cameo appearance in the 99 Boxes mission?
– A: The 99 Boxes mission features a cameo appearance by Ice-T in the mission debriefing screen.

4. Q: What is the objective of the 99 Boxes heist?
– A: In the 99 Boxes heist, players need to break into a secure storage lot and secure valuable materials.

5. Q: How should players set up their escape route in the 99 Boxes heist?
– A: Players should set up their escape route using a refrigerated truck, as the loot must be stored at low temperatures for transport.