Lords of the Fallen 2023: The Ultimate Agility Build

When it comes to Lords of the Fallen 2022, players have the freedom to craft a variety of characters, each with unique themes and abilities. Among these, the agile and swift types stand out, excelling in hit-and-run tactics thanks to their high Agility scores. If you’re ready to master the art of agility, read on as we uncover the secrets of the best Agility Build for Lords of the Fallen 2023.

Agility Build: Unleash the Bleeding Fury

Our journey begins with the Exiled Stalker starting class, renowned for its impressive base Agility. What sets this build apart is its ability to come to life with minimal investment. Even at Level 37, this character can obliterate early-game bosses with a devastating combination of Bleed and Poison effects. Here’s a glimpse of the attributes and equipment that make this build a force to be reckoned with:

  1. Strength (STR): 10
  2. Agility (AGI): 25
  3. Endurance (END): 11
  4. Vitality (VIT): 20
  5. Radiance (RAD): 12
  6. Inferno (INF): 12

Recommended Equipment

  1. Weapons i) Hallowed Praise ii) Hallowed Condemnation
  2. Magic i) Charm of Fortune’s Sight ii) Poison Weapon
  3. Armor i) Any light or medium armor
  4. Amulet i) Pendant of Burden (Increases damage dealt to enemies for every status effect they have)
  5. Rings i) Bloodbane Ring (Inflicting Poison also inflicts Bleeding) ii) Mineowner’s Ring (Increases max Stamina and Stamina Regeneration)
  6. Consumables i) Fire, holy, or wither salts

Hallowed Praise and Hallowed Condemnation, the heart of this build, can be acquired early in the game at Pilgrim’s Perch and Abandoned Redcopse. These weapons excel at building up Bleed rapidly, especially when wielded together. In Lords of the Fallen 2023, Bleeding doesn’t inflict damage over time. Instead, it delivers a powerful burst of physical damage when fully accumulated while simultaneously rendering targets more susceptible to Physical damage.

The synergy between Bleed and Poison is enhanced by the Bloodbane Ring, obtainable in the Forsaken Fen. This ring magnifies the Bleed infliction of the two Hallowed swords when Poison Weapon is active. Further damage amplification is achieved with the Pendant of Burden, an amulet found in the Umbral side of the Forsaken Fen.

When both Poison and Bleeding triggers, your adversaries will endure escalated damage from regular sword strikes while enduring Damage over Time (DoT) effects. This deadly combination can rapidly deplete enemy health bars. In the video above, you can witness Level 0 Hallowed Praise and Rusty Cutter, armed with Poison Salts, facing off against Gentle Gaverus, a boss typically resistant to physical slashing and piercing attacks.

The Path to Maximum Agility

While this Agility Build may not deal as much damage per hit as the Dark Crusader Paladin build, it maintains similar overall DPS as long as players continue to strike their targets. Much of the damage output relies on the activation of status effects, which demands an aggressive approach to ensure triggers.

Ideally, strive to reach at least 25 Agility as soon as possible to heighten the initial damage output of both Hallowed swords. Following this milestone, players have the choice to invest more points into Agility to maintain the Bleed/Poison setup or explore other elemental builds using Wither, Smite, and Burning by increasing Radiance and Inferno.

Here are some additional weapon recommendations based on damage and status effect type:

  1. Bloodlust: Physical/Fire damage; Burn/Bleed ailments
  2. Right-hand Bringer of Stillness Sword: Physical/Wither damage
  3. Left-hand Bringer of Stillness Sword: Physical damage; Frostbite ailment
  4. Bloodletter Fists: Physical/Holy damage; Bleed ailment
  5. Neophyte Daggers: Physical/Wither damage

For those who prefer not to rely on magic, throwing weapons offer an alternative. Lacerating Knife, Bloody Hatcher, and Poisoned Javelin are excellent ranged choices for this build.


  1. What is the Lords of the Fallen 2 release date?
    The release date for Lords of the Fallen 2 is eagerly anticipated by fans. Stay updated for the latest news on this highly awaited sequel.
  2. How can I maximize Agility in Lords of the Fallen 2023?
    To achieve maximum Agility, invest points in your Agility attribute and choose equipment and weapons that complement an agile playstyle.
  3. Are there other recommended builds in Lords of the Fallen 2023?
    Yes, there are various builds to explore in Lords of the Fallen 2023, each offering a unique playstyle. From strength-based bruisers to agile assassins, you’ll find a build that suits your preferences.
  4. Where can I find the Hallowed Praise and Hallowed Condemnation weapons in the game?
    You can acquire the Hallowed Praise and Hallowed Condemnation weapons at specific locations in the game. Hallowed Praise is found at Pilgrim’s Perch, while Hallowed Condemnation can be obtained at Abandoned Redcopse.
  5. Is the Bleed and Poison combo effective against tough bosses in Lords of the Fallen 2023?
    Yes, the Bleed and Poison combo can be highly effective against challenging bosses, allowing you to inflict significant damage over time and make them more vulnerable to physical damage.
  6. What is the significance of the Bloodbane Ring in this build?
    The Bloodbane Ring enhances the Bleed infliction of Hallowed weapons when Poison Weapon is active, creating a deadly synergy between Bleed and Poison.
  7. Can I mix and match different weapon types with this Agility Build?
    While the Hallowed swords are recommended, you can explore other weapons that align with your preferred playstyle, including those with different damage types and status effects.
  8. What are the advantages of investing in Agility early in the game?
    Early investment in Agility enhances your upfront damage output, allowing you to deal more damage with each strike, especially when using the recommended Hallowed swords.
  9. Are there other recommended stats to consider for this build?
    While Agility is the primary focus of this build, you can also explore other stats, such as Radiance and Inferno, to experiment with different elemental effects and damage types.
  10. What platforms is Lords of the Fallen 2023 available on?
    Lords of the Fallen 2023 is accessible on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, providing an immersive gaming experience on these platforms.