How to Get the Cheetah Power Pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

In the neon-lit streets of Night City, power isn’t just a luxury—it’s survival. And when it comes to iconic weapons, the Cheetah Power Pistol stands out like a diamond in the rough. If you’re ready to deal devastating damage and leave your enemies in awe, read on. We’ll guide you through the shadows to claim this prized firearm.

The Elusive Cheetah: A Quest for Power

1. The No Easy Way Out Quest

The path to the Cheetah begins with the No Easy Way Out quest. But beware—the choices you make here will shape your destiny. Here’s how to unlock this hidden gem:

  1. Start the Quest: Dive into the intrigue of Night City and kick off the No Easy Way Out quest.
  2. Angie’s Arrival: When Angie shows up at Damir’s Clinic, pay attention. Your fate hangs on your next moves.
  3. Side with Aaron: To secure the Cheetah, stand by Aaron’s side during this tense encounter. Let your dialogue choices reflect your loyalty.
  4. Angie’s Demise: The stakes rise as you clash with Angie. Survive the shootout at Damir’s Clinic, and her unique pistol will be yours for the taking.

2. The Cheetah Unleashed

With Angie silenced and her lifeless form lying before you, claim your prize—the coveted Cheetah Power Pistol.

Why Choose the Cheetah?

1. Precision and Brutality

The Cheetah isn’t just any pistol; it’s a symphony of destruction:

  • 🎯 Greater Crit and Bleeding Chances: When you close in on foes, this ranged weapon rewards precision with devastating bonuses.
  • 🔥 Torso Targeting: Aim for the torso—the Cheetah knows how to make every shot count.

2. The Numbers Don’t Lie

Here are the cold, hard stats:

  • 🔫 Fire Rate: 3.74
  • 💥 Damage: 37.99
  • ⏩ Reload Speed: 0.75
  • 🌐 Effective Range: 34.5
  • 🛠️ Weapon Handling: 6.4
  • 💼 Capacity: 859
  • 💥💥 Bonuses:
    • 🎯 Crit Damage: +50%
    • 👤 Headshot Damage Multiplier: +150%
    • 💉 Bleeding Chance: +15%

3. Mod Slots for Customization

The Cheetah isn’t just a tool; it’s a canvas waiting for your touch. Two mod slots allow you to fine-tune its performance and make it truly yours.

4. Sandevistan Synergy

For maximum impact, get up close and personal with enemies while wielding the Cheetah. Activate Sandevistan—a burst of slow-motion adrenaline—and watch foes fall before you without emptying entire clips.

Remember, Night City favors those who seize power—so holster your old doubts and embrace the Cheetah Power Pistol. Your enemies won’t know what hit them! 🔫🔥💥