How to Defeat The Congregator of Flesh In Lords of the Fallen

In the grim world of Lords of the Fallen, where darkness and danger converge, the Congregator of Flesh awaits. This early-game boss, a grotesque mass of sinew and teeth, tests your mettle. Fear not! With our battle-tested strategies, you’ll conquer this monstrosity and emerge victorious.

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Mastering the Congregator of Flesh: A Lords of the Fallen Boss Guide:

1. The Encounter

  • After facing Gentle Gaverus and her hounds, prepare for the Congregator.
  • This lumbering beast may be slow, but its blows hit like a freight train.
  • Dodge, sprint, and stay close to its right leg—the safer side.
  • Forget parrying; focus on survival.

2. Deadly Moves

  • Beware the diving lunge attack—it’s lethal.
  • Watch for overhead arm slams, rolls, trampling charges, and poison mist.
  • Stay near the boss to prevent dive and charge attacks.

3. Weapon Choice

  • Opt for bladed weapons like the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword or Old Mournstead Infantry Spear.
  • Red damage numbers indicate success.
  • Exploit its weakness to Smite/Holy damage.

4. Allies in Battle

  • Consider summoning an NPC for backup.
  • Silhouettes of Stomund and Pieta appear before the fight.
  • Pieta heals and deals decent damage—summon her for an edge.

5. Poison Clouds

  • As its health wanes, the boss spawns poison clouds after body slams.
  • Maintain proximity despite the challenge.
  • Avoid poisoning and press on.

The boss’s repertoire of attacks includes overhead arm slams, nimble rolls to the back and sides, trampling charges, and poisonous mists. By maintaining close proximity to the boss, you can minimize its usage of the perilous dive and charge attacks, effectively tilting the odds in your favor.

The Ideal Weapons and Strategy:

When facing the Congregator of Flesh, consider equipping bladed weapons such as the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword or the Old Mournstead Infantry Spear. The boss will reveal its vulnerability when the damage numbers alongside its health bar turn red, indicating that you’re hitting the mark. Additionally, the boss is susceptible to Smite and Holy damage.

While summoning an NPC for this battle isn’t mandatory, it’s a wise consideration if you find the boss a formidable challenge. Look for the silhouettes of Stomund and Pieta before plunging into the fray. Summoning Pieta is particularly recommended, as she delivers respectable damage and can mend your wounds with Radiance spells. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a friend or an ally if the need arises.

As the battle rages on, the boss will unleash poison clouds after its body slam attacks once its health dwindles below half. This complicates your positioning but underscores the importance of staying close to the boss. Be cautious not to fall victim to poisoning and continue the duel as you normally would.

Lords of the Fallen beckons you to prove your worth in a world of challenges. Equip your best gear, hone your skills, and vanquish the Congregator of Flesh, for greater trials await you beyond.