How to Defeat Pieta in “Lords of the Fallen”

In the challenging world of “Lords of the Fallen,” players encounter a variety of formidable bosses. Among them is Pieta, an early boss guarding the path to Skyrest Bridge. Pieta’s unique abilities make her a tough adversary, and defeating her requires careful strategy.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge, dive into the world of Lords of the Fallen, available on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S. Good luck, and may your skills be sharp!

Who is Pieta?

Pieta, a towering and imposing figure, is the initial obstacle that players encounter. Her strength and resilience can be overwhelming, especially for those who aren’t adequately equipped. Your approach to defeating her will largely depend on your character’s build, so consider this before charging into battle.

Key Strategies for Beating Pieta:

  1. Physical Attacks:
    • Initially, Pieta relies on physical attacks. Players should be cautious when attacking from behind, as her weapon’s reach extends even there.
  2. Magic Attacks:
    • As her HP drops, Pieta switches to diverse magic-oriented attacks. Players can summon an NPC ally to distract her during the fight.
  3. Airborne Assault:
    • Pieta occasionally leaps into the air, bringing down her sword with force. Dodge this attack to avoid damage.
  4. Winged Phase:
    • Around 60% HP, Pieta opens her wings and moves to the arena center. Players should stay to either side to evade her attacks.
  5. Magic Clones:
    • Pieta creates two magic clones that release beams from their weapons. Dodging is crucial here.
  6. Summoning Clones:
    • She may summon a single clone that either slams its sword into the ground or performs a spinning attack.
  7. Dual-Clone Flight:
    • Another variation involves two clones taking flight and dashing across the arena. Stay out of their range.
  8. Magic Sword Barrage:
    • Pieta unleashes a barrage of magic swords, dealing significant damage.

Post-Battle Actions:

  • Remembrance of Pieta:
    • Explore Umbral and find Pieta’s memory. you can take advantage of soulflaying to obtain Remembrance of Pieta.
  • Weapon and Armor Exchange:
    • Use this remembrance for a powerful armor and weapon upgrades in Skyrest.
  • Sanguinatrix Assistance:
    • Post-battle, find Pieta in Skyrest; she’ll assist players in upgrading their Sanguinatrix.

Your Reward for Victory

Once you’ve successfully defeated Pieta, your efforts will be rewarded with a Vestige Seed and eight Umbral Scourings. This is how to Defeat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen.

Beyond the Battle

But the journey doesn’t end with her defeat. After securing your victory, venture into Umbral and seek out Pieta’s memory. Employ soulflaying to obtain the “Remembrance of Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal,” which can be exchanged for her weapon and armor in Skyrest. You’ll also find Pieta in Skyrest, where she can assist you in upgrading your Sanguinatrix.