How Horizon 3 Can Improve the Melee Combat of the Series

How Horizon 3 Can Improve the Melee Combat of the Series, the much-anticipated sequel to the original game, has undoubtedly pushed the boundaries of the franchise. However, as we set our sights on the next installment, Horizon 3, there are still areas where improvements can be made to keep fans engaged. One crucial aspect that needs refinement is combat, a core pillar of the Horizon series.

A New Dawn for Combat

Horizon Zero Dawn marked a significant departure for Guerrilla Games, shifting away from the linear, first-person shooter genre to create a more expansive world. In 2017, players were introduced to Aloy, a Nora outcast on a mission to save a world overrun by machines. Despite the overshadowing presence of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn garnered a devoted fan base.

Horizon Forbidden West, released in 2022, made substantial improvements in many key areas compared to its predecessor. Nevertheless, as we eagerly anticipate the third mainline entry, it’s clear that there is room for further enhancements.

Crafting a Compelling Narrative

In the forthcoming game, Aloy and her companions are poised to face their nemesis, but while the narrative hints at the direction it might take, details about gameplay improvements remain shrouded in mystery. Combat remains a linchpin of the Horizon series, and revitalizing it is vital to continue captivating fans.

The Versatile Combat of Horizon

Aloy is portrayed as a highly capable character who has honed her combat skills to become a formidable adversary for a wide range of foes. The array of weapons grants players the creative freedom to approach battles uniquely. The game’s stealth mechanics provide the option to engage quietly or even avoid conflict altogether. Horizon offers players a high degree of agency, with numerous choices, but the bow emerges as an indispensable tool. Aloy’s proficiency with the bow and arrows, akin to Lara Croft in recent Tomb Raider games, makes her a proficient hunter. How Horizon 3 Can Improve the Melee Combat of the Series. Even in challenging situations, she can dispatch enemies at close range with precision.

From the versatile blast sling to the strategic ropecaster, combat in Horizon often feels more like solving a puzzle than engaging in a traditional fight, infusing each encounter with genuine tension and excitement. The diverse weapons, combined with the Focus mechanic, set Horizon apart from its contemporaries, empowering both the player and Aloy. This successful formula must continue into the third installment, especially when confronted with formidable adversaries where melee combat becomes a necessity.

How Horizon 3 Can Improve the Melee Combat of the Series

Horizon is a franchise that has captivated millions of fans with its stunning visuals, compelling story, and diverse gameplay. The first game, Horizon Zero Dawn, introduced us to Aloy, a brave and curious heroine who explores a post-apocalyptic world ruled by machines. The sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, expanded the scope and scale of the adventure, taking us to new lands and introducing new threats. But as we eagerly await the third installment, Horizon 3, there is one aspect of the gameplay that could use some improvement: the melee combat.

Why Melee Combat Matters in Horizon

Horizon is a game that offers a lot of options for how to approach combat. Aloy can use a variety of weapons, from bows and arrows to slings and ropecasters, to exploit the weaknesses of the machines and human enemies. She can also use stealth to sneak past or ambush her foes, or use her Focus to scan the environment and plan her strategy. But sometimes, things get up close and personal, and Aloy has to rely on her trusty spear to fend off attackers.

The spear is not only a weapon, but also a tool that connects Aloy to the past and the world. She uses it to override machines, open doors, and reveal secrets. It is also a symbol of her identity and heritage, as she inherited it from her mentor Rost. How Horizon 3 Can Improve the Melee Combat of the Series, the much-anticipated sequel to the original game, has undoubtedly pushed the boundaries of the franchise. The spear is an important part of Aloy’s arsenal, but in the previous games, it felt like a last resort option rather than a viable choice.

The melee combat in Horizon Zero Dawn was slow and clunky, with limited moves and animations. It lacked the fluidity and responsiveness of the ranged combat, and often felt unsatisfying and frustrating. Horizon Forbidden West improved the melee combat by adding more moves, such as dodges, parries, and combos, as well as new upgrades and abilities for the spear. However, it still felt like an afterthought compared to the other aspects of the gameplay.

How Horizon 3 Can Improve the Melee Combat

Horizon 3 has a chance to make the melee combat more fun and engaging for the players. Here are some suggestions for how it can do that:

  • Make the melee combat more dynamic and responsive. The melee combat should feel smooth and natural, with realistic physics and animations. Aloy should be able to move freely and fluidly while using her spear, without being locked into rigid animations or positions. She should also be able to react quickly and effectively to enemy attacks, with intuitive controls and feedback.
  • Make the melee combat more diverse and creative. The melee combat should offer more options and variety for how to deal with different situations and enemies. Aloy should be able to use her spear in different ways, such as throwing it, spinning it, or using it as a lever. She should also be able to combine her spear with other weapons or tools, such as traps, explosives, or ropes. The melee combat should encourage experimentation and improvisation, rather than repetition and button-mashing.
  • Make the melee combat more rewarding and satisfying. The melee combat should feel impactful and rewarding, with satisfying sound effects and visual feedback. Aloy should be able to deal significant damage with her spear, especially when targeting weak points or performing critical hits. She should also be able to earn rewards for using her spear effectively, such as extra resources, experience points, or skill points.

Explore the Forbidden West Today

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on both PS4 and PS5, allowing players to dive into its breathtaking world. As we eagerly await the future of the series, we hope that Horizon 3 will continue to build on the foundation of combat and gameplay, providing even more exciting experiences for fans.


1. What is Horizon Forbidden West’s available platforms?

Horizon Forbidden West can be played on both PS4 and PS5.

2. How does Horizon Zero Dawn differ from Guerrilla Games’ previous work?

Horizon Zero Dawn marked a significant departure from Guerrilla Games’ previous linear, first-person shooter titles, offering a more expansive open-world experience.

3. Who is the main protagonist of the Horizon series?

Aloy, a Nora outcast, is the central character in the Horizon series.

4. What is Aloy known for in combat?

Aloy’s proficiency with a bow and arrows is a standout feature, making her an effective hunter.

5. What makes combat in Horizon unique?

Combat in Horizon often feels like solving puzzles, offering a diverse and strategic approach to battles.

6. What are some key improvements in Horizon Forbidden West compared to its predecessor?

Horizon Forbidden West made substantial enhancements in various key areas compared to its predecessor.

7. What is the overarching narrative in Horizon Forbidden West?

The game hints at an impending confrontation with a formidable nemesis, but details on gameplay improvements remain undisclosed.

8. How is player agency emphasized in Horizon?

Players have a high degree of agency in Horizon, with numerous choices in how they approach various challenges.

9. What are the primary combat tools in Horizon?

While Horizon offers a wide range of weapons, the bow is often considered an essential tool for combat.

10. Why is improving melee combat important for Horizon 3?

Enhancing Aloy’s melee combat abilities would add mechanical diversity and provide players with more creative combat options in Horizon 3.