Exploring The Walking Dead: Destinies – Choices, Endings, and Final Bosses

The Walking Dead: Destinies beckons players into a captivating ‘What If’ journey within the adored franchise. It not only empowers you to make pivotal decisions that reshape the game’s narrative but also lets you wield character skills that unlock thrilling gameplay experiences. In this third-person action-stealth game, you possess the power to rewrite the course of events. This begins with momentous choices, such as determining the fate of Shane, who can now escape the clutches of death at the hands of Rick Grimes and survive the events of The Walking Dead. With a whopping 150+ ending variations and the prospect of confronting three unique final bosses, The Walking Dead: Destinies promises a gaming experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

150+ Ending Variations and 3 Final Bosses

  1. Unique Endings:
    • While not 150+ distinct cutscenes, Destinies offers over 150+ variations based on character combinations.
    • Expect similar cutscenes with different characters in pivotal moments.
  2. Character Roster:
    • Survivors who make it to the end reflect your choices.
    • A poignant cutscene showcases their fate.
  3. Three Final Bosses:
    • Your decisions throughout the game determine which formidable adversary awaits you.

Gameplay Highlights

  1. Slay Hordes of Walkers:
    • Wield melee and ranged weapons like bats, katanas, revolvers, shotguns, and crossbows.
  2. Build Your Dream Team:
    • Choose from over 12 iconic characters including Rick, Shane, Michonne, Carol, and Daryl.
  3. Experience Tension:
    • A stress system affects your heroes’ survival during walker encounters.
  4. Manage Supplies and Abilities:
    • Scavenge resources and maximize your party’s potential.
  5. Stealth Combat and Defense:
    • Test your skills against the undead.

Unveiling the Multitude of Endings

It’s important to emphasize that these 150+ endings aren’t entirely disparate. In a recent conversation with Paulo Luis Santos, the Game Director at Flux Games, we delved into the intricate mechanics of The Walking Dead: Destinies.

According to Santos, “We have over a whopping 150+ variations of the game’s ending due to the different character combinations that the player can end up with in the group by the end of the game.” It’s worth noting that this doesn’t equate to 150+ entirely distinct ending cutscenes. Instead, you’ll experience largely similar final moments with different characters taking center stage.

Character-Driven Narratives

At the core of The Walking Dead: Destinies lies the dynamic interplay between characters, all while staying true to the narrative foundations of the first four seasons. The potential endings are predominantly influenced by the composition of the character roster you guide to the game’s climax. When you reach the game’s ultimate level, a poignant cutscene unfolds, showcasing the characters who’ve survived the journey, all thanks to your decisions. It’s an emotionally charged moment that underscores the far-reaching consequences of your choices.

Confronting Diverse Final Bosses

Another enthralling aspect of the game is the possibility of facing one of three different final bosses. The specific outcome hinges on the choices you make throughout the game. While the precise choices and the identities of these bosses remain shrouded in mystery, fans of the series can indulge in speculation and eager anticipation.

Santos tantalizingly mentioned, “…One cool feature is that there are three different final bosses in the game depending on the choices you make in your playthrough.”

An ‘What If’ Adventure Awaits

Engaging with a ‘What If’ interpretation of The Walking Dead universe is a thrilling prospect for fans. It enables them to weave their own narratives, safeguard cherished characters, and venture into uncharted territories where choices have unforeseen consequences. For those who held a special place in their hearts for Shane in The Walking Dead, this game offers a tantalizing glimpse into an alternative reality, painting a vivid picture of what could have unfolded had he survived and ventured into the world of Season 4.

The Walking Dead: Destinies is all set to launch on November 14, gracing various platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Prepare to embark on a journey where your choices echo through the apocalyptic landscape, and the destiny of your character roster rests squarely in your hands.


  1. What is The Walking Dead: Destinies?
    The Walking Dead: Destinies is a video game that offers a ‘What If’ perspective within The Walking Dead franchise. It empowers players to make significant choices, altering the course of the game’s events while enjoying a third-person action-stealth experience.
  2. How do choices in The Walking Dead: Destinies affect gameplay?
    Choices in the game not only shape the narrative but also influence gameplay by granting access to diverse character skills.
  3. What is the significance of the 150+ ending variations in the game?
    The 150+ ending variations result from different character combinations within the player’s group, influencing the game’s conclusion. While not entirely unique, these variations provide players with distinct experiences.
  4. What occurs at the end of The Walking Dead: Destinies?
    The game concludes with a cutscene that highlights the characters who survived the journey due to the player’s choices. This emotionally charged moment reflects the impact of every decision.
  5. How many final bosses does the game feature?
    The Walking Dead: Destinies boasts three different final bosses, with the specific boss encountered determined by the choices made throughout the game.
  6. On which platforms is The Walking Dead: Destinies available?
    The game is set for release on November 14 and will be accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
  7. Can players mold the story within The Walking Dead: Destinies?
    Indeed, players have the opportunity to make choices that influence the narrative and gameplay, immersing them in a ‘What If’ experience within The Walking Dead universe.