Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Vegeta’s Most Powerful Attacks

When it comes to the world of Dragon Ball, few characters have left as indelible a mark as the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta. His journey from a ruthless villain in the Saiyan Saga to the beloved anti-hero in Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has solidified his status as one of the series’ most iconic figures. In this post, we delve into the incredible world of Vegeta’s most powerful attacks, showcasing his evolution and the sheer might he brings to the Dragon Ball Super card game.

Vegeta’s Legendary Attacks

Dirty Fireworks

Vegeta’s first display of immense power, Dirty Fireworks, made its unforgettable debut during the Saiyan Saga. Although it wasn’t explicitly named as such, the attack’s destructive prowess was evident when Vegeta used it to annihilate an entire planet. Later, he employed this move to dispatch the defeated Nappa, highlighting his ruthless Saiyan nature and raw power.

Galick Gun

Galick Gun is undoubtedly one of Vegeta’s most iconic and potent attacks. This beam attack, akin to the Kamehameha, made its mark in the Saiyan Saga when Vegeta clashed with Goku. The Galick Gun’s sheer strength compelled Goku to unleash Kaioken times 4 to counter it, showcasing its formidable nature as a finishing move in Vegeta’s arsenal.

Big Bang Attack

Vegeta unleashed the Big Bang Attack for the first time on Android 19, an opponent who outclassed the rest of the Z-Fighters. This attack, a powerful blue Ki ball, left a mushroom cloud in its wake as it obliterated Android 19. It mirrors Vegeta’s aggressive Saiyan spirit and serves as another testament to his capacity for devastation.

Final Flash

The Final Flash is one of Vegeta’s most iconic moves, featuring in various transformations. This attack is undeniably one of the most potent in the Dragon Ball series, capable of erasing adversaries in its path. It was first used against Perfect Cell, leaving Cell severely damaged and showcasing the attack’s incredible power. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta employed it once more, challenging Jiren, who recognized its might.

Final Impact

Final Impact, used briefly by Majin Vegeta, is reminiscent of Frieza’s Death Beam but on a grander scale. Vegeta deploys it by spreading apart three fingers, and it left an impact not only in the series but also in video games and manga.

Final Explosion

The Final Explosion is not just a formidable attack but a defining moment in Vegeta’s character development. Faced with the threat of Majin Buu and Babidi, Vegeta chooses to sacrifice himself to save his loved ones and the planet. This blinding explosion serves as a testament to his character’s depth and love for his family. Vegeta uses the Final Explosion again in the Tournament of Power to protect his universe, reinforcing his role as a beloved character.


1. What are Vegeta’s most iconic attacks in Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

Vegeta’s iconic attacks include Galick Gun, Big Bang Attack, Final Flash, and the unforgettable Final Explosion.

2. When did Vegeta first use Dirty Fireworks in Dragon Ball?

Vegeta used the Dirty Fireworks attack during the Saiyan Saga, showcasing his destructive power.

3. What makes the Final Explosion in Dragon Ball so special?

The Final Explosion is a defining moment in Vegeta’s character development, where he sacrifices himself to protect his loved ones and the planet.

4. How powerful is Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack in Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

The Big Bang Attack is an immensely powerful move, capable of obliterating foes and leaving a lasting impact.

5. When did Vegeta use the Final Flash in Dragon Ball Z?

Vegeta first used the Final Flash against Perfect Cell in Dragon Ball Z, demonstrating its devastating potential.

6. Which move did Vegeta use against Android 19 in Dragon Ball Z?

Vegeta employed the Big Bang Attack against Android 19, showcasing its destructive abilities.

7. What is the significance of Vegeta’s character development in Dragon Ball?

Vegeta’s character development, exemplified by the Final Explosion and other iconic moves, underscores his transformation from a villain to a beloved anti-hero in the Dragon Ball series.

8. What inspired Vegeta’s Dirty Fireworks?

Dirty Fireworks showcased Vegeta’s Saiyan ruthlessness and raw strength.

8. Why is Galick Gun iconic?

Galick Gun rivals Goku’s Kamehameha and symbolizes Vegeta’s destructive might.