Dead by Daylight: Most Effective Builds for The Legion 2023

Discover the Most Effective Builds for The Legion in Dead by Daylight

In the ever-evolving world of Dead by Daylight: Most Effective Builds for The Legion 2023 the meta has shifted away from generator-kicking strategies. Now, Killers are encouraged to actively chase Survivors and target generator regression. This guide provides an update on the best builds to run with The Legion, taking into account the new meta as of 2023. Outdated perks like Overcharge have been replaced with more powerful generator slowdown perks that synergize well with The Legion’s ability to pressure Survivor health states. With these new builds, The Legion becomes a formidable Killer in the current meta.

The Legion is one of the easier Killers to learn in Dead by Daylight. Their Feral Frenzy power allows themto quickly move between Survivors, granting the ability to detect nearby Survivors and inflict Deep Wounds. This ability helps slow down the game as Survivors must mend and heal. To master The Legion, players must remain constantly aware of their surroundings, carefully noting Survivor locations, and avoiding pallet stuns to conserve their power. The following builds showcase the best strategies for The Legion to maintain pressure across the map, effectively keeping track of multiple Survivors at once in order to maximize their power.

In 2023, the generator-kicking meta in Dead by Daylight underwent significant nerfs, requiring Killers to engage in active chases for generator regression. This article update replaces outdated perks like Overcharge with generator slowdown perks that complement The Legion’s ability to pressure Survivor health states. These Dead by Daylight: Most Effective Builds for The Legion 2023empower The Legion as a formidable Killer in the current meta.

The Legion: Best Non-Teachable Build (2023)

Given The Legion’s inherently oppressive power, Survivors often split up to work on multiple generators simultaneously. This build focuses on maintaining pressure on both Survivors and generators throughout the game, leading to a lethal endgame.

1. Discordance (The Legion) – Reveals any generators being worked on by two or more Survivors within a 128-meter radius, highlighting them in yellow.

2. Hex: No One Escapes Death (General Perk) – After the final generator is completed, all Survivors become Exposed, making them vulnerable to a single hit. Additionally, the user gains a 4% Haste effect until the Hex Totem is cleansed.

3. Fearmonger (General Perk) – Inflicts the Blindness and Exhausted status ailments on any Survivor working on a generator. The effects linger for 5 seconds after they stop repairing.

4. Jolt (General Perk) – Downing a Survivor causes all generators within a 32-meter radius to regress by 8% progress.

The Legion: Best Build (2023)

As Survivors are more likely to split up when faced with The Legion, this build focuses on efficiently controlling generators using some of the most potent slowdown perks currently available in Dead by Daylight.

1. Pop Goes the Weasel (The Clown) – After hooking a Survivor, kicking a generator within the next 45 seconds will regress its progress by 30%.

2. Corrupt Intervention (The Plague) – Blocks the 3 generators farthest from the Killer’s starting location for 120 seconds or until the first Survivor is downed.

3. Eruption (The Nemesis) – After kicking a generator, its aura is highlighted in yellow. Upon downing a Survivor, all highlighted generators regress by 10% progress, and the auras of Survivors working on them are revealed for 12 seconds.

4. Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance (The Artist) – The Killer begins with four tokens. For each different Survivor hooked on a white Scourge Hook, one token is consumed, causing the generator with the most progress to lose 25% of its progress.

Dead by Daylight is available on various platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


1. How can I effectively pressure Survivors as The Legion?
– As The Legion, it is crucial to constantly monitor Survivor locations, avoid pallet stuns, and capitalize on your Feral Frenzy power to quickly move between Survivors and inflict Deep Wounds, slowing down the game.

2. Why is the generator-kicking meta no longer as effective in Dead by Daylight?
– In 2023, the game underwent updates that heavily nerfed generator-kicking strategies. Killers are now encouraged to actively engage in chases to regress generator progress and maintain pressure on Survivors.

3. What is the purpose of using perks like Fearmonger and Jolt?
– Fearmonger inflicts the Blindness and Exhausted status ailments on any Survivor working on a generator, while Jolt causes nearby generators to regress when a Survivor is downed. These perks help further slow down Survivor progress.

4. How does Hex: No One Escapes Death benefit The Legion?
– Hex: No One Escapes Death exposes all Survivors after the final generator is completed, allowing The Legion to down them with a single hit. The perk also grants a Haste effect until the Hex Totem is cleansed.

5. Which Killer perks are essential for effective generator control with The Legion?
– The recommended perks for controlling generators effectively with The Legion include Pop Goes the Weasel, Corrupt Intervention, Eruption, and Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance. These perks provide significant regressions, block generator spawns, and punish Survivors on hooked Scourge Hooks.

6. Can The Legion’s power be used to pressure multiple Survivors simultaneously?
– Yes, The Legion’s Feral Frenzy power allows for quick movement between Survivors, enabling simultaneous pressure on multiple targets. This can significantly disrupt Survivor progress and force them into mending and healing states.

7. How does Discordance contribute to playing The Legion effectively?
– Discordance highlights generators being worked on by two or more Survivors, aiding The Legion in identifying key areas to apply pressure and interrupt simultaneous generator repairs.

8. What is the purpose of the Perk Pop Goes the Weasel?
– Pop Goes the Weasel allows The Legion to regress generator progress by 30% after hooking a Survivor. This perk helps maintain pressure by actively regressing generators during chases.

9. How does Corrupt Intervention help with generator control as The Legion?
– Corrupt Intervention blocks the three farthest generators from the Killer’s starting location, delaying Survivor progress and funneling them towards more manageable generator locations.

10. What is the advantage of using Eruption in The Legion’s build?
– Eruption highlights generators when kicked and causes them to regress when Survivors are downed, revealing the auras of those working on them. This perk enables effective control of multiple generators and enhances map awareness.