Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Hidden Locations In 2.0 Update

Prepare to embark on an exciting treasure hunt as we unveil the intriguing hidden locations in the epic world of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and its latest 2.0 update. The game’s expansion not only enriches the original map but also introduces you to a whole new world of secrets and mysteries. Let’s dive in and discover the concealed wonders of Night City!

The Lawless District of Dogtown

The Phantom Liberty DLC doesn’t just add a new location to the game; it introduces the lawless district of Dogtown. This once-planned private resort getaway for Night City’s elite has fallen under the oppressive rule of Kurt Hansen and his ruthless Barghest paramilitary gang. High-rises and luxury shops now lay in ruins, and those not aligned with Barghest live in perpetual fear. Within this chaos, you’ll uncover hidden stashes and abandoned apartments that hold the key to some of the DLC’s most captivating experiences.

More Than Just a Map Expansion

But the Phantom Liberty expansion isn’t just about expanding the map. It was released alongside a free update to Cyberpunk 2077, introducing an array of exciting features, including the much-anticipated vehicular combat. Even the base map received numerous enhancements and tweaks in this free update, with new locations extending beyond Dogtown’s borders. Here, we present the coolest hidden locations, all brought to life in Cyberpunk 2077 through either the 2.0 update or the DLC itself.

1. I’m In Love With My Car

Tucked away in a Watson warehouse is a hot rod that will make any gearhead’s heart race. The Quadra Type 66 Hoon is part of the hidden side quest “I’m in Love with My Car.” To embark on this quest, head into the makeshift garage. Scanning the area will reveal a chest hidden under rubble, housing the keys to this unique car. Armed with mounted machine guns, it’s the perfect way to experience the update’s new vehicular combat. The Quadra Type 66 Hoon pays tribute to American rally driver Ken Block, a legendary figure in the automotive world.

2. Trauma Team HQ

Phantom Liberty introduces a new arcade-style mini-game called Trauma Team. Achieving a high score in this Contra-inspired side-scrolling shooter will earn you an invitation to join the real Trauma Team, unlocking a secret back room at the Night City Medical Center. Here, you’ll find a unique Trauma Team uniform and a working model Trauma Team AV, which can be proudly displayed in V’s apartment.

3. Badlands

In the desolate Badlands outside Night City stands a modest church with an unexpected secret. Inside, you’ll discover a rather unconventional decoration for a place of worship: an Arasaka Tower 3D arcade cabinet. The catch? You’ll need to wait until 4 AM in-game to activate a nearby laptop and access all the hidden files. Afterward, you can start up Arasaka Tower. But beware, as playing it means you’ll have to rush to a lone mattress nearby, ensuring you arrive by 5 AM. V will then pass out and wake up next to Cyberpunk 2077’s formidable Demiurge monster truck.

4. Space Force One Wreckage

The Space Force One wreckage, a significant event in Phantom Liberty’s storyline, isn’t a mandatory visit during the campaign. Yet, curious explorers can venture into the Badlands outside Dogtown, where you’ll find debris from the crashed flagship spaceplane. The wreckage includes the Lifepod used by President Rosalind Myers before the DLC’s events. Johnny Silverhand provides commentary on this wreckage, confirming its origin from Space Force One.

5. Reporter’s Car

In the Badlands beyond Dogtown, an intriguing micro-quest revolves around a missing reporter. While wandering the desert, V may come under sudden attack by a hostile drone near a burnt-out car. Defeating the drone leads to a macabre discovery—a body inside the car. Conversational shards extracted from the body reveal that it belonged to a reporter on the hunt for a juicy story. They inadvertently triggered security drones and met an unfortunate end until V’s intervention. It’s a simple yet engaging piece of environmental storytelling.

6. Dogtown Pool

What appears to be an abandoned, murky kiddie pool near the Golden Pacific fast travel point holds an unexpected surprise. Dive in, and you’ll discover that the pool extends much deeper than it seems. At the bottom lies an Iconic weapon, the Kyubi x-MOD2. Among the new unique guns, it ranks as one of the most potent weapons in the Phantom Liberty DLC.

7. Pulp Fiction Easter Egg

In Night City’s Santo Domingo district, an unassuming apartment building conceals an intriguing Easter egg referencing the film Pulp Fiction. As you explore this mostly-abandoned building, you’ll uncover a hidden entrance leading to a balcony, where several dead bodies are scattered. One of the bodies carries a text conversation, shedding light on a sinister narrative involving a boxer, his opponent, and a thirst for vengeance. The scene V stumbles upon hints at a violent showdown between the characters.

8. Ironclad’s Room

Phantom Liberty introduces a captivating character named Ironclad, a run-down robot that V can assist after locating it. Ironclad resides in a secluded room within the EBM Petrochem Stadium, the heart of Dogtown’s premier shopping district. To reach this room, you’ll need a touch of parkour. Follow the sparks of electricity, leading you to a ramp and, ultimately, Ironclad’s hideout. Here, connect to a nearby computer and embark on a scavenger hunt to gather spare parts needed for the robot’s repair.

9. Mr. Blue Eyes’ Office

The enigmatic character known as Mr. Blue Eyes has fueled endless speculation since his appearance in the base game. In Phantom Liberty, Mr. Blue Eyes reappears, notably during the penultimate mission “Firestarter.” To witness his presence, side with Songbird, and put your navigational skills and intuition to work as you navigate to Mr. Blue Eyes’ office within the Stadium. Upon arrival, you’ll find the office abandoned and mostly empty. Songbird later hints at a blue-eyed benefactor who supported her lunar voyage.

10. Militech Facility

By choosing to side with Reed in the “Firestarter” mission, you unlock a completely different secret area within the Militech building. This area evolves into the DLC’s final dungeon. As you chase Songbird through Dogtown, you’ll follow her into an extensive underground testing facility. Here, you must outmaneuver killer robots while tracing Songbird’s path. It’s a challenging but incredible experience, exclusive to those who align with Reed in the game’s narrative.

These are just a few of the enthralling secret locations waiting to be uncovered in Cyberpunk 2077. The vast and diverse map of Night City promises an abundance of hidden treasures, each holding valuable rewards. So, equip yourself and embark on this thrilling adventure to uncover the hidden wonders that lie beneath the surface of this cyberpunk metropolis.