Cities: Skylines 2 Not Enough Customers issue Solved

How to fix the Cities Skylines 2 Not Enough Customers issue

In the captivating world of Cities: Skylines 2, players often encounter challenges that require adaptability and problem-solving skills. One common issue they face is the dreaded ‘Not Enough Customers’ error. This error occurs when commercial zones receive too few visitors, leading to idle buildings and reduced profits. However, fear not! With careful planning and preparedness, players can overcome this obstacle. Read on to discover effective solutions for solving the ‘Not Enough Customers’ error in Cities: Skylines 2.

What Causes the ‘Not Enough Customers’ Error:

To solve the lack of customers in Cities: Skylines 2, it is crucial to comprehend the underlying causes of this issue. Generally, the error arises from poorly located commercial areas. If these zones are too far from residential areas or inaccessible to residents, the lack of customers becomes evident. Another factor contributing to the problem is excessive commercial zoning. It’s vital to gauge the demand of residents accurately and avoid creating an excess of commercial zones that may remain idle, adversely impacting the city’s budget.

Strategies to Fix the ‘Not Enough Customers’ Issue:

Now that we understand the reasons behind the dearth of customers, let’s explore practical solutions to alleviate this problem.

1. Establish Residential Proximity:

To ensure optimal profit generation from commercial zones, create a small residential area in close proximity. By having significantly fewer commercial zones than eager customers, you’ll attract an abundant customer base. Strategically locating these zones improves efficiency and accessibility, facilitating ease of travel for residents.

2. Proper Zoning Placement:

Utilize the Info Views Tab, a valuable tool revealing various statistics regarding your city. Pay attention to commercial suitability and customer data before assigning zones. Areas suitable for commercial development will be marked green, while less favorable locations will appear orange or red. Remember, different density zones possess distinct commercial suitability, so be sure to experiment and test each variant.

3. Enhance Accessibility:

Accessibility issues often contribute to the lack of customers, particularly in larger cities plagued by traffic congestion. Minimize traffic jams near commercial areas by constructing parking lots nearby. Additionally, establish public transportation and taxi stops, allowing residents convenient access to these zones.

4. Potential Game Bug:

In rare cases where previous measures fail to resolve the issue, players may suspect the presence of a game bug. Consider demolishing the building with the customer shortage error and rebuilding it as a possible solution to rectify this situation.

In the vibrant virtual realm of Cities: Skylines 2, the ‘Not Enough Customers’ error can present a significant challenge. However, armed with these strategies, players can effectively triumph over this obstacle. By understanding the reasons behind the lack of customers, thoughtfully positioning commercial zones, enhancing accessibility, and addressing potential game bugs, players can maintain a flourishing and prosperous city in Cities: Skylines 2.

Cities: Skylines 2 is currently available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.


1. Q: Why are my commercial zones in Cities: Skylines 2 not attracting enough customers?
A: The lack of customers may stem from poorly placed commercial zones that are inaccessible or too far from residential areas. Evaluating location suitability and demand is essential.

2. Q: Can having too many commercial zones contribute to the ‘Not Enough Customers’ error?
A: Yes, excessive commercial zoning without sufficient demand can result in idle buildings and a negative impact on the city’s finances.

3. Q: How can I maximize profit from commercial zones?
A: Build a small residential area nearby to ensure there are fewer commercial zones than customers. This will attract a larger customer base, improving overall profitability.

4. Q: How can I identify suitable locations for commercial zones in Cities: Skylines 2?
A: Utilize the Info Views Tab to assess commercial suitability and customer statistics. Green marks indicate ideal locations, while orange and red signify unfavorable areas.

5. Q: How can I address accessibility issues in Cities: Skylines 2?
A: To enhance accessibility, construct parking lots near commercial areas, establish public transportation options, and designate taxi stops to facilitate easy travel for residents.

6. Q: What should I do if all measures fail to resolve the lack of customers in Cities: Skylines 2?
A: Consider the possibility of a game bug. Demolishing the building with the customer shortage error and rebuilding it might rectify the issue.

7. Q: Can improving road infrastructure help attract more customers to commercial zones?
A: Yes, optimizing road networks by minimizing traffic congestion can enhance accessibility and subsequently increase the number of customers.

8. Q: Does the density of commercial zones affect the ‘Not Enough Customers’ error?
A: Different density zones possess different levels of commercial suitability. Players should test various densities to identify the optimal configuration.

9. Q: Is it possible to expand beyond the initial ‘Not Enough Customers’ error message?
A: Yes, by implementing the suggested strategies and addressing the potential game bug, players can alleviate the error and experience growth in their commercial zones.

10. Q: How can I ensure long-term success in managing commercial zones in Cities: Skylines 2?
A: Continuously monitor the demands and needs of residents, adapt zoning accordingly, and maintain a balanced ecosystem of residential and commercial areas to foster sustained growth.