Best Dark Souls Weapons: A Starter’s Guide

Dark Souls 3 is a world of peril and adventure, where the weapons you wield can mean the difference between life and death. Whether you’re a seasoned undead warrior or a newcomer to Lordran, your choice of weapons is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore the top starter weapons in Best Dark Souls Weapons: A Starter’s Guide, shedding light on which weapons to embrace and which to avoid.

The Essence of a Warrior’s Arsenal

A warrior’s connection to their weapon runs deep; it’s their lifeline in the unforgiving world of Dark Souls. But not all weapons are created equal, and making the wrong choice can lead to despair and frustration. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the best starter weapons in Dark Souls 3 and ensure you face the challenges ahead with confidence.

10. The Club

  • Class: Deprived

Starting Physical Damage: 87

The Deprived class offers no mercy, starting you off with nothing but your wits and a Club. This weapon is rarely used outside of the Deprived class, owing to its sluggish speed and modest damage output. However, its ‘A’ rating in strength scaling makes it a viable choice for players focusing on a pure strength build. While not the most exceptional starter weapon, the Club can get the job done, especially against early and less formidable bosses.

9. Bandit’s Knife

  • Class: Thief
    Starting Physical Damage: 56
Bandit's Knife

The Bandit’s Knife might not impress with its damage output, but its true strength lies in critical hits. Mastering the art of parrying can turn this seemingly feeble dagger into a deadly weapon. Most enemies can be dispatched with a single well-timed parry, saving you time and stress in the early stages. However, against foes that can’t be parried, its damage output falls disappointingly short in Best Dark Souls Weapons: A Starter’s Guide.

8. Short Sword and Short Bow

  • Class: Hunter

Starting Physical Damage (Short Sword): 78

Starting Magic Adjustment (Short Bow): 31

Hunter Class

The Hunter class provides a dynamic weapon duo: a Short Sword and a Short Bow. The Short Sword is a decent choice for early game encounters, offering both speed and damage. However, it’s advisable to replace it as you progress further into the game. The Short Bow adds versatility, allowing you to engage in both ranged and close-quarters combat.

7. Hand Axe and Pyromancy Flame

  • Class: Pyromancer

Starting Physical Damage (Hand Axe): 80

Starting Magic Adjustment (Pyromancy Flame): 100


The Pyromancer’s arsenal includes the Hand Axe and the Pyromancy Flame, a fiery combination to decimate foes in the early stages and beyond. The Pyromancy Flame enables powerful spells like the fireball pyromancy, a valuable asset against many early-game bosses. However, the Hand Axe’s effectiveness diminishes as you progress, so consider upgrading or replacing it.

6. Scimitar

  • Class: Wanderer

Starting Physical Damage: 80


The Wanderer’s Scimitar is your first dexterity-focused weapon in Dark Souls 3. Its impressive move set excels at slicing through adversaries. Although it lacks poise damage, it compensates with quick attacks capable of stun-locking lightly armored foes. If you invest in dexterity and endurance, this weapon can serve you well, making it a fun choice for those seeking a challenge.

5. Broadsword

  • Class: Knight

Starting Physical Damage: 82


The Knight, fortified with heavy armor and a robust shield, wields the Broadsword. This weapon offers formidable damage, good stat scaling, and a straightforward move set. Paired with the Knight’s resilient armor, the Broadsword can efficiently dispatch groups of enemies thanks to its poise-strengthened attacks. It’s a reliable choice for both beginners and seasoned players in Best Dark Souls Weapons: A Starter’s Guide.

4. Dagger and Sorcerer’s Catalyst

  • Class: Sorcerer

Starting Physical Damage (Dagger): 56

Starting Magic Adjustment (Sorcerer’s Catalyst): 114


Sorcerers are masters of spells, and their Sorcerer’s Catalyst comes equipped with the potent Soul Arrow spell. This spell can decimate early-game foes, making encounters like the Moonlight Butterfly seem trivial. While the Dagger is weaker compared to the Bandit’s Knife, it’s the Sorcerer’s Catalyst that shines, offering immense magical power for those who harness its potential.

3. Mace

  • Class: Cleric

Starting Physical Damage: 91


The Cleric might not excel in spellcasting, but their Mace is a powerhouse, capable of demolishing nearly all foes throughout the game. The Mace boasts impressive damage, making it a holy warrior’s dream weapon. Just ensure your strikes land, as a slight delay in animations can leave you vulnerable. Two-handing this weapon allows for staggering and quick victories against bosses.

2. Longsword

  • Class: Warrior

Starting Physical Damage: 80

The Warrior’s Longsword is a favorite among many players for a good reason. With a Broadsword-like move set, great damage output, and balanced scaling in both Dexterity and Strength, the Longsword is a versatile weapon. Paired with a Heater shield, it’s an ideal choice for end-game combat, offering stability and 100% physical resistance for reliable blocking and parrying in Best Dark Souls Weapons: A Starter’s Guide.

1. Battle Axe

  • Class: Bandit

Starting Physical Damage: 95


The Battle Axe takes the crown as the finest starter weapon in Dark Souls 3. Its unmatched damage potential reigns supreme, making it a formidable choice against all adversaries. The Battle Axe’s powerful strikes can knock back most enemies, even formidable ones like Smough and Ornstein. The Bandit’s shield, the Spider Shield, provides stability and fire resistance, allowing one-handed or two-handed wield

What are the best Dark Souls 3 weapons for beginners?

The best weapons for beginners in Dark Souls 3 often include versatile options like the Longsword and the Battle Axe. These weapons offer good damage, manageable move sets, and are accessible to a variety of character builds.

Which weapon is best for a pure strength build in Dark Souls 3?

For a pure strength build in Dark Souls 3, the Club is a viable option. It has ‘A’ scaling in strength and can be effective for skilled players. The Battle Axe is also a strong choice for strength-focused characters.

Are any starting weapons effective against early bosses in Dark Souls 3?

Yes, some starting weapons can be effective against early bosses in Dark Souls 3. The Battle Axe, for example, is a powerful weapon that can be used to great effect against many early-game bosses.

Is the Bandit’s Knife suitable for parrying in Dark Souls 3?

Yes, the Bandit’s Knife is suitable for parrying in Dark Souls 3. It has critical hit bonuses and can be used to dispatch enemies with well-timed parries. However, it may not be effective against foes that cannot be parried.

What’s the most versatile weapon in Dark Souls 3 for a balanced character?

The Longsword is often considered one of the most versatile weapons for a balanced character in Dark Souls 3. It provides good damage, balanced scaling in Dexterity and Strength, and a straightforward move set.

Can a Sorcerer’s Catalyst be a powerful starting weapon in Dark Souls 3?

Yes, the Sorcerer’s Catalyst is a powerful starting weapon for spellcasters in Dark Souls 3. It comes equipped with the Soul Arrow spell, which is effective against many early-game bosses and adversaries.

Is the Mace the best choice for a Cleric in Dark Souls 3?

The Mace is a strong choice for a Cleric in Dark Souls 3. It offers high damage potential and can be used effectively throughout the game. Two-handing the Mace can lead to staggering and swift victories against bosses.

Why is the Longsword favored by many Dark Souls 3 players?

The Longsword is favored by many Dark Souls 3 players due to its great damage, balanced scaling in both Dexterity and Strength, and a straightforward move set. It can be carried throughout the entire game and is a reliable choice for various character builds.

How can I maximize the potential of a Battle Axe in Dark Souls 3?

To maximize the potential of a Battle Axe in Dark Souls 3, you can use it either one-handed or two-handed, depending on your preference. The Battle Axe’s powerful strikes can knock back enemies, and it’s best suited for characters aiming for strength-focused builds.

What’s the significance of weapon choice in Dark Souls 3 gameplay?

Weapon choice in Dark Souls 3 gameplay is of great significance. The right weapon can greatly affect your effectiveness in combat and your overall experience in the game. Selecting a weapon that complements your character build and playstyle is crucial for success in Lordran.