Asuka Kazama Movelist: Tekken 8

Asuka Kazama: The Enigmatic Warrior of Tekken 8

In the adrenaline-pumping universe of Tekken, few characters capture the essence of martial arts and familial intrigue quite like Asuka Kazama. Making her initial appearance in Tekken 5, Asuka Kazama has been a mainstay in the series, returning to grace every installment since her debut. Her journey through the Tekken universe is not just a tale of fights won or lost; it’s a deep dive into the complexities of lineage and the martial artist’s unwavering spirit, a narrative that continues to evolve in Tekken 8.

Asuka Kazama move list



Throw NameCommandTypeDamageEscape
Aiki Nage1+3 (or f+1+3)Front351 or 2
Katanuki2+4 (or f+2+4)Front351 or 2
Cloud Taste1+3 (or 2+4)Left401
Wind Wheel1+3 (or 2+4)Right402
Twisted Limbs1+3 (or 2+4)Back50
Destabilizerf+1+3 or f+2+4Front
Compulsory ReformDuring Destabilizer 2Mid20
Inescapable TiradeDuring Destabilizer 4Low19
White Mountaind/f+2+3Front402
Cherry Blossomu/f+1+2Front401+2
Falling RainFC+d/b+1+2Front451+2
Attack ReversalSynchro with the opponent’s attack b+1+3 (or b+2+4)Parry25
Naniwa Ultimate TackleDuring Ki Charge 1+2Front51+2
Eternal PunishmentDuring Naniwa Ultimate Tackle 2, 1, 2, 1Front35


Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Naniwa Peacemaker KnuckleDuring Rage d/f+1+255Mid
Whiplash1, 16, 15High, mid
Jab Uppercut1, 26, 9High, mid
Jab Uppercut to Spinning Heel Drop1, 2, 36, 9, 16High, mid, mid
Jab Uppercut to Front Kick1, 2, 46, 9, 14High, mid, mid
Jab Low Kick1, 36, 10High, low
Jab Leg Cutter1, 46, 14High, low
Basho Cutter2, 1, 29, 10, 16High, high, mid
Basho Oroshi2, 1, d+1+29, 10, 23High, high, mid
Mizu Basho2, 39, 16High, mid
Hyakujitsuko3, 117, 17Mid, mid
Inner Strength1+221Mid
Ryuuntsui3+410, 21Mid, mid
White Heron Dance1+4, 2, 45, 8, 10, 26Low, high, high, mid
White Heron Lower Dance1+4, 2, d+45, 8, 10, 15Low, high, high, low
White Heron Spinning Heel Drop1+4, 35, 8, 24Low, high, mid
Ki Charge1+2+3+4
Lunging Mist Thrustf+117Mid
Demon Slayerf+220Mid
Demon Slayer Naniwa Gustof+2 while attacking, 120Mid
Spinning Heel Dropf+324Mid
Spinning Heel Dropf+3 Maintain28!
Back Spin Kickf+421High
Spinning Heel Chop Naniwa Gustof+3+427Mid
Wheel Kickf+2+321High
Falling Towerd/f+1, 210, 13, 25Mid, high
Kyara Bokud/f+1, 410, 22Mid, mid
Rising Palmd/f+214Mid
Sacred Bladed/f+3+422Low
Heaven’s Hammerd+218Mid
Double Lift Kicksd+3+45, 20Low, high
Swallow Sliced/b+113Mid
Swallow Vortexd/b+1, 213, 20Mid, high
Swallow Torrentd/b+1, 413, 25Mid, mid
Funeral Palmd/b+222Mid
Enchanted Circled/b+317Low
Leg Cutterd/b+414Low
Raging Stormd/b+1+210, 20Mid, mid
SumiregariDuring Counterattack b+120, 22Low
Swallow Mallet to Lunging Mist Thrustb+2, 112, 14Mid, mid
Swallow Mallet to Leg Cutterb+2, 412, 14Mid, low
Swallow Mallet Elbowb+2, 1+212, 7Mid, high
Swallow Mallet Combob+2, 1+2, 412, 7, 20Mid, high, mid
Dragon Wheel Kickb+315Mid
Dragon Wheel Kick Demon Slayer Naniwa Gustob+3, 2 during the attack, 115, 14Mid, mid
Dragon Wheel Leg Cutterb+3, 415, 9Mid, low
Heart Stopperb+417Mid
Tsuyababuki Naniwa Gustob+4, 2, 3 during the attack, 117, 12, 21Mid, mid, mid
Reverse Narcissusb+1+4, 315, 8, 18High, low, low
Narcissusb+1+4, 415, 8, 23High, low, mid
Sumiyoshi Plungeu+1+220Mid
Rangetsuu/f+220, 25High
Iwatou/f (or u or u/b)+317Mid
Night Skyu/f (or u or u/b)+425Mid
Burning Lanternf, f+130Mid
Hiboko no Kagamif, f+2, 116, 21Mid, high
Yata Kagamif, f+2, 316, 22Mid, high
Higata no Kagami Naniwa Gustof, f+2, 1+216, 25Mid, mid
Matoi Hiragif, f+323Mid
Leaping Spin Kickf, f+423h
Tenjin Upward Strikef, f+1+220Mid
Ame-no-Uzumef, f, f (or u/b, b)+332Mid
Aizen Swingf, f, f+1+230High
ShikeitaiWS+1, 412, 20Mid, high
Rising ElbowWS+218Mid
KohakuWS+2, 1+218, 4Mid, throw
Moon ScentWS+320Mid
Toe SmashWS+415Mid
Sudare NagashiWS+1+220Mid
Twin Cloud KicksFC+3+4, 310, 10, 10, 10Mid, mid, mid, mid
Mist Palm ThrustSS+223Mid

Whiplash Combo

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Lunging Mist Thrustf+117Mid
Whiplash Double Lift Upperf+1, 417, 5, 20Mid, low, high
Whiplash Sacred Bladef+1, d+417, 26Mid, low

Leg Cutter Combo

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Leg Cutterd/b+4, 4, 414, 15, 16Low, low, low
Kariashi ShiranuiDuring Leg Cutter 314, 21Low, high
Kariashi HakuroDuring Leg Cutter 1+414, 5, 8Low, low, high

During Naniwa Gusto

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Sumiyoshi Festival PlungeDuring Naniwa Gusto u+1+224Mid
Tenjin Festival Upward StrikeDuring Naniwa Gusto f, f+1+224Mid
Aizen Festival SwingDuring Naniwa Gusto f, f, f+1+242High

During Heat

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Heat BurstWhen Heat activation is available 2+315Mid
Heaven’s Hammerd+218Mid
Swallow Vortexd/b+1, 213, 20Mid, high
Mist Palm ThrustSS+223Mid
Compulsory ReformDuring Destabilizer 220Mid
Triple Ascension KicksDuring Heat 2+312, 11, 27Mid, throw

10 Hit Combo

CommandDamageHit Range
WS+2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 4, 3, 3+4119mhmmmlmlmm
WS+2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1+4, 1, 3+497mhmmmlhhlh
WS+2, 1, 1, 346mhmm
Asuka Kazama Move list tekken 8

Asuka Kazama’s presence in Tekken 8 cements her status as one of the series’ most intriguing and beloved characters. Her complex familial ties, martial arts mastery, and pursuit of justice continue to captivate players and drive the narrative forward. As the Tekken series evolves, Asuka Kazama remains at its heart, a symbol of the intricate storytelling and dynamic action that fans have come to love. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, Asuka Kazama’s journey is one you won’t want to miss in Tekken 8.